Third I Sight - EP (2014)

by Captain Smooth Talk

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4 songs off our upcoming full length, being worked on now and being released in the near future. \m/
Up to the point of the release of this EP (4/25/2014), we had been a band for four years already with only three releases. The first two pieces of material (one single and one EP) that we put out weren't doing us any justice seeing as they were released during our first year and a half as a band , as well as the band lineup being slightly different. After some lineup changes and musical growth, the release of our 2012 'Invasion Imminent' single, and a mass amount of shows later, we're back with this 4-song installment to update everyone who cares about us! Shout out to the local scene back home in the Lancaster/Palmdale, CA area for supporting us every step of the way; we had a blast recording this, and we are looking forward to making more noise very soon.

This is up for free download on here, but if you'd like to support us and help us raise money for merch and tour, download the EP off of iTunes or Amazon for only $3.96.

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Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Alex Estrada at the Earth Capital studios in Los Angeles, CA.
Artwork by Edgar Neri (

Johnny - trumpet.
Jimmy - drums.
Scott - vocals/lyrics.
Alejandro - guitar.
Paul - guitar.
Josh - bass.


released April 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Captain Smooth Talk Lancaster, California

Captain Smooth Talk. Ska/Punk-Reggae fusion band from the desert of Lancaster, CA.
Listen to the music, and come see us live.

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Track Name: Third I Sight
~I and I don't deal with violence.
I and I is peaceful Rasta man.
I don't steal, cheat.
You see it?
I-man serve--
Selassie I continually.
No matter what the weak heart say--
I and I is like a tree
plant by the river of water.
Not even the dog that piss
against the wall of Babylon
shall escape this judgement.
All of the youth shall witness
the day that Babylon shall fall~

Empty lies attack and grasp your mind
You could see further if you tapped into your third eye
Some people get it confused see
They think they're the center of their universe
See, I think differently
I think were all one
Mother, father, sister, brotha all and none
Every being in this creation is one

Nothing's forever even a diamond loses luster
But you've got one life and some courage so muster,
Muster it up all that you've bottled down, and break off those shackles that've kept you tied round

Two sevens clashed, you watched but never learned
The end of time was never really my concern
Daylight burned, paid the cost and lost my turn
Brain on fire, I let the darkness return

Cosmic love gave me rebirth
The shadows fell off and fought it out in the dirt
As I looked up, to the stars, I Fell out of favor with the gods of the earth

Some people say you know everything at birth
And your whole life is spent uncovering what's worth
What's worth knowing and what's worth fighting for
What's worth not a care and what's worth dying for
Track Name: One Too Many
It was late
A half moon night
When she came back to me
Didn't want to fuss or fight
She said by my side's the only place she felt alright
I pulled her close what do you think we did all night?

One too many as addressed by the sun
The moon rise came and you had no where to run
You dreamed of flying and I dreamed none
Cupids shallow arrow hit me like a gun

It was late, back that night
Down in LA the city had left the light
A drunken haze gave you all your might
I pushed you away didn't want to see your eyes

One too many lessons I learned that day
Your mind can rot when love decays
Sometimes life is a Mental Maze
But a positive outlook pays in positive ways

Your brown eyes
Like pools of shit
I should've known
You were full of it

Hard to fight such a beautiful sight
But eventually I turned towards the light
I'm grateful for the sudden smack upright
You gave me the gift of heavy handed sleight
Track Name: Self Governed
If you've got something to say why don't you just say it
If you've got something to prove why don't you just prove it
If you got something to lose why don't you just lose it
But don't just stand there acting stupid

What's up what's down
Can't believe I stuck around
What's up what's down
Now I'm glad that I left town
Up the river down the boat
Paper planes go up in smoke
Up the river down the boat
Paper planes go up in smoke

I see you over there acting so tough
Punk rock patches don't make your life rough
Keep maddoggin me and I'll call your bluff
You sir need to sit down if you can't handle the ska reggae stuff

One bright day I was Layin
Down in the Venice sand
I was approached by a long haired
Dreaded rasta man
Smoke clouds were rising
Out of his yellow van
He had a big fat spliff in his left and right hand, oh man

Him and his wife, so soon they approached I
Handed me the spliff and asked me if I wanted to fly
We've got a boat and it's right near by
Took a little walk and saw it with my own eyes

If you've got something to say why don't you just say it
If you've got something to prove why don't you just prove it
If you're not happy with your choice why did you choose it?
If you're not happy with your voice you better lose it

A pure society needs no crown
They said they'd save you, your soul is still bound
One sound split and ran through the town
I'm self governed now cause they tried to hold me down

I see you over there acting so tough
Punk rock patches don't make your life rough
Keep maddoggin me, and I'll call your bluff
You need to sit down if you can't get enough

It was pretty clear that they built it themself, with Jah Rastafari painted on the shelf
You could see it in their eyes that they'd been through hell
But the smile on their face told me all was well

From that day on there was no racial division
The color lines blurred I had made my decision
I'm a mental surgeon watch me make my incision
And watch me roll my joints with some fuckin exposition

You think I'm blind?
How's this for vision
Got clearer sight than any wicked politician
Yeah, and this man's on a mission
To the moon, back and to force you to submission

She kept me goin kept me going for so long
Could not figure out what I had done wrong
I guess it didn't make a difference in the end
I met the next chick right around the bend
Track Name: Sugar Street
Let me spin you a tale
That'll make you head spin
The one and only true Sugar Street Legend
The first memory I got
Was one when me and Birdman smoked some master OG
It was courtesy of his father figure, figuratively.
Fun times rang, a cool buzz on the brain
Sweet trees, feeling like a super asuper Saiyan.
No tolerance so we had no complaints
Found it hard to care about the human rat race.

And I remember driving round in the truck
Smoking weed and not giving a fuck, about
School or slutty girls.
Yeah it was just my luck, wanted to fuck but I got chucked.

One night the homies they did chase me
Blacked out truck thought they wanted to erase me
My mind which usually flows freely stopped shortly,
As I pondered for a second the consequences that could abort me.
Not fearing clenched fists just fearing a show down, a scenario where I could no longer come round, come down, hop off the bike and give everyone a bro pound. Shit got real but I realized they were joking, and I happily went back to my sugar street toking.

I couldn't care less about the dollar bills we earned
Only to shortly and abruptly be burned
Cause money comes and goes, fat pockets now I'm broke, A dollar Bill Murray still hidden in the cloak.
Memories might keep you sane
And the good friends will remain, so let good times flood the brain, no flight delay on this here plane

The desert sun caught me on the run
And the Fire all swelled into none
ICarelessly I sought my fun
Drinking the gambit under the gun

Yesterday I smoked some fiya
It was given to me by Bruce lee you could say he got me hiyah!
And Heisenberg is my suppplyyyyaaaa